One Maven experience

In my former company we decided to change our 'in-house' build scripts from reusable ANT scripts (which got included using the XML import functionality) to using Maven instead. One interesting experience was in a project where consultants were coming and going. There was never a question on how to build the different components that the consultants were building. All the plugins had decided this for us.

This is as close as the Java community have reached compared to linux's ./configure, make, make install. As long as there isn't established such conventions on the builds, there's a need for Maven and all those ANT imports will never help.


New job and new location

I've moved to the city of Tromsø and started a new job in a company named Invenia. Still be working with Java technology and it looks like it's going to be a lot of Weblogic for me - which is ok. The one thing that I'm a bit sceptical about is the usage of Weblogic Workshop, but I'll probably use IntelliJ anyway. My personal license to the rescue ;-)