Nokia involved in the GNOME Project

Seems like Nokia have been sponsoring the Fluendo's work on improving Multimedia experience on free desktop. Fluendo have been working a lot with Python and the late Symbian-based phones from Nokia (Series 60) have support for Python. I also read that TV on mobile probably will be next big thing according to Nokia.... I think I see a connection here :-)

Seems like the news was this Internet Tablet. Cool, but seems to be a bit unpractical for a left handed guy like me.... Maybe we will see a Linux based Nokia phone, but it's not likely in the near future. Think I have to buy this one.


Integration products - loosing your OO-design?

I've been working on automating a manual process by using BEA WebLogic Integration. My initial feelings about how these products works is that the design has a tendency to be functional oriented instead of object oriented. I think that these products are important and very valuable for companies where the J2EE connectors - like CICS, SAP etc. - maps to the companies legacy systems. Using such components are also crucial in a object oriented design. But these products also focus on the business logic part - often represented as business processes using a visual representation - like this one below:

It might be my naive usage of WebLogic Integration, but I do see a tendency to focus on handling the complexity by using "function points" instead of objects. The reason? Well - one of the strong points with these business process products are that they communicate what's going on within the business process. This involves classical constructs like for and while loops, if and case statements and of course more high level constructs to create parallel processing. The result of these processes is that you run a function - made by yourself or other components - alter the data - and then the next function works on the same data. The connections points between the functions are the data, but as you probably see the object oriented principle of keeping data together with the logic doesn't apply in these processes.

I haven't used any other integration products, but have gotten Microsoft BizTalk presented and I saw similarity with BEA WebLogic Integration.

Whether or not this is a good or bad thing - I'm not sure, but my guess is that on a large project this approach might be a bit difficult. I also suspect that these business processes get very complex and the reuse perspective might be more difficult. It surely will be interesting to get more experience with such a solution. My current assignment isn't big enough to pinpoint possible problem areas.

Any thoughts on this issue?