Citrix client on Linux

I use Linux as my development environment and it would have been great to access the Citrix solution that is used a lot by my current customer. First I thought "Citrix and Linux - probably not a good match", but then I entered "citric client Linux" in the google search and got a product page from Citrix up. This is too good to be true. Downloaded the rpm (!!!) and installed the thing. Had to do a rpm -ql ICAClient. It installed everything under /usr/lib/ICAClient. I tried to run the configuration tool which has awful GUI (ugly Motif stuff). Didn't get that working. But since the Citrix server offers a URL to a launch file, I dowloaded it a run the command:

sudo /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfica.sh launch.ica

And voila: Full windows desktop up and running. Pretty cool.

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