Eclipse and GNOME finding common ground ?

I've been reading the Around the planet which is rumors about what's going on in the GNOME land. As a Java development I notice that it seems like there's some momentum around RedHat's participation in the Eclipse world. I think RedHat was one of the founding members in the Eclipse board.

Havoc Pennington have some interesting links on his blog. Also Fernando Herrera talks about GNOME development in Eclipse.

The interesting stuff is where is GNOME headed. We all know about Novell's (former Ximian) effort on the Mono project and there seems to be an agreement in the GNOME community that they need a higher level language than C in order to reduce development time. Is this an indication that Novell and RedHat represent a pro Mono vs pro Java effort ? We also know that Sun have contributed to the GNOME platform with accessibility features and they will probably push for Java as future platform for GNOME.

Interesting times.....

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