RedHat/Fedora... I'm leaving you soon

My first try on Linux was RedHat 4.1 when I was a student. Struggling with Linux on the student server that we owned. Over the years I've always had a Linux partition on my PC, and it always have been a RedHat distribution. I started using Linux as my primary desktop at home two-three years ago and it was RedHat 7.3. Followed up with 8.0, 9.0 and then the Fedora Core versions. Currently I'm running Core 2.

So why change now ? There's a couple of reasons. I started using Ximian Desktop when I was running RedHat 8.0. This desktop was really slick - I liked it a lot. Now Ximian is Novell - which also means Suse - which also means: No Ximian Desktop for Fedora. There's also quite a few important features missing - mp3 support being the most important of them. Also I don't like the fact that Fedora kernel doesn't include the Software Suspend in their 2.6.9 kernel. I've struggled SO long with getting suspend functionality to work on my Dell laptop.

The turning point was my sudden awareness of Ubuntu Linux. This Debian based distribution seems to fit my interest perfect: Bleeding edge on GNOME features, new releases at regular intervals, standard based, slick desktop. I downloaded and gave the distribution a try on a small available partition and it seems very good. Seems to boot faster than Fedora.

So when I'm done with my current project, get some spare moments, Fedora gets kicked out of my Dell Inspiron....


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