CruiseControl progress

I've browsed the Jira page for CruiseControl. One thing that struck me is that a lot of people have submitted patches for CruiseControl, which is a good thing, but it's seems like it takes some time before they are applied. Another thing that strikes me is the lack of roadmap. There is a release 2.2.1 where all the issues marked for this release is resolved, but it isn't released. No other release seems to be planned.

Do we have a situation where the product has a lot of users willing to contribute, but the project itself lost it's interest ? Is this a sign that somebody else should drive the project ?

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Sam said...

It's always a problem with Open source software - the developers are beholden only to themselves. A commercial vendor has to keep his customers happy - an OS developer just has to worry about himself.

If you think it needs some more drive, then why not volunter? And please god, start with the reporting webapp as it's just plain awful...